Emergency Ventilator Prototype 

The “Illinois RapidVent” plugs into oxygen sources that are available in most hospital rooms or to a standard tank of oxygen. This project is a collaboration between the Grainger College of Engineering and Carle Health. The prototype was impressively designed in less than a week. More information can be read in an article written by Newsweek, along with a Crain Chicago Business article, and a WGN9 article.


Compound Visualization for UIUC Students

Lab assistant, Alex, helped a graduate student and professor print molecules for a U of I chemistry course.  The physical molecules help students visualize the compounds.  Another chemistry team printed a device to show new graduate students how compounds are synthesized.  (Photo: compounds with assisting LA)



Annual Health Make-a-thon

The Product Design Lab helps local teams design and prototype their ideas to improve health in the Urbana-Champaign community.  Teams are provided a space to ideate and develop their design.  Lab assistants provide help with 3D modeling, 3D scanning, and 3D printing.

(Photo: Proposed air safety alert system 2019)


Molecules Research Visualization

“We are studying how the antifungal drug Amphotericin B (AmB) interacts with the fungal cell membrane sterol ergosterol (Erg) and the human cell membrane sterol cholesterol. … We are performing experiments to better understand exactly how AmB binds to each sterol so that we can rationally design AmB derivatives that have a strong preference for binding ergosterol over cholesterol. We are using the 3D prints to help us visualize how AmB and Erg pack together based on atomic interactions we measure using NMR spectroscopy.” ~Dr. Corinne Price

(Photo: Erg and AmB molecules with assisting LA)

Pokemon Chess Set

This one is just for fun.  Come check it out at the next Engineering Open House!





Digital Prototyping through Multidisciplinary Design Team

“My thesis research is focused on better understanding how multidisciplinary student design teams collaborate in a cloud-based design space equipped with advanced digital prototyping tools, namely digital sculpting, 3D printing, and 3D scanning. My particular interest is, gaining insight into the effect of digital sculpting tool and identifying the influence of ‘ready access to 3D printing’ on iterative design concept development.” ~Baigalmaa Batmunkh